Steam Generators

Thermotics™ Steam Generators and Water Treatment Plants

COR Thermotics owns the Thermotics™ trademark and provides worldwide marketing, sales, design, engineering, fabrication and after-sales services for this product line. The Steam Generators & Water Treatment Plants are manufactured at the Katy, Texas facility.

The Company also maintains an office in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman operating as COR Integrated Technical Services (CORITS) that covers the Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions.

COR Thermotics thermal recovery portfolio provides clients with a complete solution package from equipments supply and commissioning to contract steam and Operation & Maintenance Contract Agreements.

Thermotics™ Steam Generators have been in operation since the inception of steam flood technology.  Since 1967 Thermotics™ equipment has been supplied to both domestic and foreign operations including Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, Trinidad, Venezuela, Indonesia, Albania and China.

Through our high caliber engineers, designers, fabrication specialists, and service engineers, the company has completed the design, fabrication, start-up and commissioning of steam generators with capacities from 5 MM BTU/HR up to 250 MM BTU/HR.