Current Openings

We are looking for a OTSG Design Engineer for our Texas facility

• Prepare technical and commercial proposals for heat recovery products (Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG), fired heaters, furnaces, industrial HRSG’s, etc.), follow-up with customers, and highlight the advantages and receive feedback concerning the offer.
• Interpret customer specifications; prepare thermal and preliminary mechanical calculations for equipment such as direct fired process heaters, thermal fluid systems, once through steam generators, and similar heat recovery equipment.
• Perform heat and material balances and combustion calculations as required to establish best design criteria.
• Perform rating, design, and prepare the specifications and datasheets, and select equipment such as burners, blowers, pumps, piping, valves, instruments, and controls associated with the fired heaters.
• Develop process flow diagrams (PFD) and piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) for process fired heaters during proposal and project stages.
• Review process design package with Engineering VP to assure cost competitiveness of the design while meeting customer requirements.
• Review inquiries and assist with decision making concerning bid or no-bid.
• Prepare inquiries for major pieces of subcontracted equipment including fired heater fabrication, burner, blowers, pumps, control panels, valves, and instruments.
• Work with estimating staff to develop accurate project cost estimates.
• Decide on pricing strategy to maximize gross margin for each project while providing the best opportunity to win.
• Write proposals outlining Company’s advantages. Follow-up with customer to highlight the company’s  advantages and to receive feedback concerning the company’s offering.
• Prepare order summary package after PO received. Ensure smooth transition to project management for execution of the project.
• Assist in identifying marketing needs including brochures, cut sheets, website, and trade shows. Follow through to make sure all marketing needs are met.
• Have a thorough understanding of the market and our customers including Company’s position in the market place.
• Review terms of sales, progress payment schedule, and warranties with in house legal. Negotiate as required.
• Keep Inquiry and Project tracking information up-to-date to assure the most accurate information concerning the fired heater business level.
• Manage and lead the day to day responsibilities and tasks for the Steam Generation Division.
• Aggressively train under the guidance and direction of the Engineering VP and transfer the knowledge and experience gained to others within the Group.

Compensation / Remuneration:
• The company offers a competitive base salary, vacation, benefits

• Opportunity for growth


Required Experience:

• Minimum 5 Years practical experience.

• Mechanical engineering degree or equivalent.

• Knowledge of steam and its characteristics.

• Knowledge of Heat Transfer calculations.

• Combustion calculation.

• Knowledge and implementation of ASME Code, Sections 1,2 and 8. Also B31.1, B31.3 and B16.34.

• Knowledge of fluid flow.

• Heat and Mass balance.

• Material selection.

• Line sizing design and selection.

Additional helpful qualifications:

• Reading and generating Process and Instrumentation Diagrams.

• General knowledge of water treatment and the various process’s used for water treatment.

• General knowledge of structural design and analysis.

• Knowledge of general fabrication/manufacturing procedures, applications and Inspection.

• Safety and its implementation in equipment design.